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BBC Sport Editor discusses FIFA and his love for journalism

BBC Sport Editor discusses FIFA and his love for journalism

This article was published in The Student on 03/02/15, and published online on their website. It can be found here http://www.studentnewspaper.org/bbc-sport-editor-discusses-fifa-and-his-love-for-journalism/

Dan Roan is an extremely busy man. The BBC Sports Editor, based out of BBC Sport’s new base at MediaCity UK, is very rarely in Manchester. With a travel schedule that would rival a foreign correspondent in a field where stories could, and regularly do, break anywhere in the world, it seemed oddly appropriate that our first attempt at organising an interview found Roan in the middle of breaking the possible transfer of Ched Evans, in Oldham. After another couple of weeks of rearrangements through no fault of his own, I finally caught up with him last Sunday.

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Exclusive Interview with Hibernian FC Manager Alan Stubbs

Exclusive Interview with Hibernian FC Manager Alan Stubbs

This is a longer version of the article printed in The Student, it can also be found on their website here http://www.studentnewspaper.org/exclusive-interview-hibernian-manager-alan-stubbs/

Six months ago, Hibernian Football Club was a laughing stock. Struggling to stay in the Scottish Premier League under the stewardship of then manager Terry Butcher, the club was in financial and organisational disarray. Fast forward to the present day with the club in the Scottish Championship, in and around the club is an air of disbelief at being where they are, but also hope for the future Not only has the position of the club changed, but so has the figurehead. Alan Stubbs, a strong and authoritative man with a history as a stalwart of the defence with clubs like Everton and Celtic, is in the process of turning the club around.

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